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Mad Fitness Group Exercise Classes

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Mad Fitness group classes are fun and challenging. View our class descriptions and and schedule below. Class schedule is subject to change so check out Mad Fitness SB on Mind Body to sign up! Your first MAD Fitness group class is only $10!

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Class Descriptions

MadMorning Mix-Up

Not your average circuit class! Utilizing tires, ropes and weight lifting combined with high intensity interval training. Super sets, circuit training, and core conditioning; no one class is the same. Get your sweat on with these diverse large movements that will keep your body guessing.

All levels welcome, please bring water.

Mad Strength & Conditioning

This class is designed to improve strength and power, build muscle and change body composition. All major muscle groups are worked from weight-bearing, to running outdoor sprints, and kickboxing to increase physical fitness and conditioning levels.


In need of a bigger butt? Look sexy in those jeans while ridding of every day aches and pains.  This class is designed to fix/prevent injuries while retraining your body to sit, walk, run, and move efficiently through a pain free range of motion.  Learn how to move correctly and apply proper posture to your everyday life while building well-defined glutes.

Class will teach you how to use your core correctly and develop commonly underdeveloped stabilizing muscles.  This class will enhance your athletic performance, fix your posture, and balance your body to increase functional fitness in everyday life.  Build that Kim K. butt while breaking any fitness plateau.  All ages welcome!


A class specializing in weight circuit stations, partner heavy lifting, individual weight lifting, free weights, and cable machines.

This weight training class focuses specifically on weights, no cardio included!


Our Bootcamps are designed for maximum calorie burn through a combination of strength, cardio, muscle endurance, flexibility, core, and functional movements! This energetic class challenges you with a variety of strength training and cardio intervals in our indoor-turf area with the use of tires, ropes, hammers, and more!


This dynamic class utilizes Suspension Training bodyweight exercise to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. This open level class offers a serious core challenge while focusing on form and body strength. Engage all your muscles with this total body-conditioning workout!

Workout for Charity

Each month we choose a different local charity to donate to.  Class is $10 minimum cash drop in.  Save your spots online for free and please bring your donation with you to class.  Please bring water, towel, and energy as we sweat for a good cause. Water required.  Towels provided.