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Oct 23

Tips for a Healthy Halloween from Mad Fitness

Spook-tacular Tricks and Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Ding dong! Trick or Treat! Halloween is the perfect time of year to begin practicing balance and mindfulness when it comes to eating. Halloween kicks off the holiday season followed with Thanksgiving, Christmas and then New Year’s just around the corner!

It’s alright to indulge in treats, just don’t forget to practice moderation and remember that extra bites add up. To help you survive this Halloween we’ve come up with a list of spook-tacular tips and tricks to staying healthy!

Try these fun and cute treats! Decorating fruits with a fun Halloween flair is a great way to trick yourself and your family into eating healthy. After carving pumpkins, save the seeds and roast them for a fun and easy healthy snack!

  1. Purchase Halloween candy the day of trick-or-treating to avoid temptation. Buy less than what you think you’ll need to avoid any leftovers. If you really want to avoid temptation purchase candies that you don’t like!
  2. Eat before you trick-or-treat. Serve a healthy family dinner before the fun begins, this way the kids will not be tempted to eat candy along the way.
  3. Stay active! Take a long walk around your neighborhood while trick-or-treating and enjoy all the decorations and costumes.
  4. Practice portion control. After trick-or-treating sort the candy, inspect them and set boundaries on an amount to be eaten over a period of days. Throw away any candies that have been opened or may contain possible food allergies.
  5. Have Fun! Enjoy celebrating with your friends and family, and know that it’s okay to take time off for yourself. Just be prepared the next day to push a little harder!
  6. Come by Mad Fitness at 1236 Chapala Street this Halloween Tuesday October 31st for some scary fun workouts!

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