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Jun 14

Mad Fitness SB Gym Etiquette

Hey Mad Fitness members! This is just a quick post to remind everyone of gym etiquette that will keep Mad Fitness a safe and happy place to workout.

Recently we had an issue with weights being dropped which caused some damage to the floor which we are in the process of repairing. Please be patient with us during that process. We strive to keep our facility clean and safe for you to enjoy and we ask you to respect the gym in return. We wanted to send out a friendly reminder of some basic gym etiquette to follow while working out.


Please be mindful of these rules as well as others at the gym and happy training!


gym etiquette


Gym etiquette:
  • Do not drop the weights.
  • Wipe down your equipment after use.
  • Put you equipment and weights back to their proper place after you are finished using them.
  • Please respect others people’s time and limit your showers to 5 minutes.
  • Please be respectful and clean up after yourself when using the bathroom or showers. Wipe off water from the floor and dispose any hair to prevent slipping and so it’s ready for the next person.
  • Put your dirty towels away in the front laundry basket on our way out.
  • Be mindful of others around you. If someone is waiting to use the equipment you are using, please rotate turns using the machines and weights.
Thank you for your understanding, we appreciate you all and will continue to provide you the best experience we possibly can!


Happy training!
The Mad Fitness SB Team
Do you have any questions, issues or feedback? We’d love to hear from you! We strive to make Mad Fitness SB an awesome place to workout and we value your input please contact us at info@madfitnesssb.com or call  (805) 845-4417.

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