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Apr 21
mad fitness personal training

Get the Results You Want Fast with Mad Fitness Personal Training! Sign Up for 3 FREE Private Training Sessions!

Mad Fitness Personal Training will get you the results you’re looking for with the extra motivation you need to succeed! For a limited time we are offering 3 FREE Personal Training Sessions!

 Check out some of these awesome benefits of working out with a personal trainer:

  • Education- Trainers empower you by giving you the tools you need to maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle.
  • Motivation- Find out what is really motivating you and learn the secrets of unlocking your potential!
  • Perfect your form- Say goodbye to aches and pains the Mad Fitness trainers teach you the form that corrects and prevents injury.
  • Learn to set and achieve your goals!
  • Maximize your time and get faster results!!
  • Get a training plan that is customized just for for YOU!
  • Extra Challenge- Working out with a trainer will push you to get outside your comfort zone and reach new heights of health and fitness!

 Meet our amazing team of trainers and find out more about their specialties:

Marianne Madsen

Movement Specialist and Preventative Therapist

Micaela Velasquez

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Emmy Walton

Weight Loss Specialist and TRX Master Trainer

Tim Hoyt

Strength and Functional Movement Coach

Mad Fitness has on-site showers available and private office space for one-on-one sessions!

 To sign up  for 3 Free private sessions or get more information about Mad Fitness Personal Training email marianne@Madfitnesssb.com

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