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Sep 20

Cassy’s Mad Fitness Transformation!

Hi, My name is Cassy and I train at Mad Fitness!

When I first joined MadFitness, I was looking to get back into the rhythm of working out again. I had just moved to Santa Barbara for work so I wanted a routine that was convenient and fun. I began with private training sessions with Micaela (my first ever private training!) and she taught me some basics that I desperately needed to learn. That included everything from how to walk correctly, to foam rolling, to proper squat form. It was an eye-opening experience, because in the past I never had any of this knowledge.

After a couple months, I moved to doing daily, sometimes twice daily, group classes, while incorporating Micaela’s training I had previously. These classes showed me what I was capable of and I learned a lot of new exercises, techniques and tricks. After a month or so, I began noticing that I could hold my planks longer, actually do a real push-up and lift heavier each week. My body became more lean and the changes were very noticeable!

Currently, I go to the gym on my own. I create my own workouts, add in some cardio, and I have been getting continually stronger. In fact, one of the best workouts I had was when Micaela pushed me to overcome my mental barriers and I didn’t think I had it in me to do a real leg day. Lo-and-behold, we did leg day and more! I ended up being sore for a solid 2.5 days thanks to making a squat PR combined with the rest of our grueling set.

My future goals include continuing to improve my form while also increasing the weight I lift and the length of time I do cardio. Form is becoming very important to me and I’ve been focusing on it a lot lately. Once I feel confident on my form with a particular exercise, I feel better about increasing the weight and it’s actually creating some very good results so far! I know that with consistency and a good diet, I’ll be able to make and exceed even better goals in the near future!

Cassy In Before Picture: Size 8 pants, 33.5in waist. Cassy in After pic: Size 6 pants, 29in waist, super strong!!


Thanks so much Cassy for sharing your Mad Fitness transformation story!

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